We've had a total of 68 pieces of artwork entered already!

Tues May 12 2020

Hello Everyone! 

Thank you all for visiting the site and we hope that you are all enjoying the amazing artwork that we've had entered so far! 

Presently we have 68 different entrants from all around the world, including The United Kingdom, Spain, and Russia! 

For those that haven't yet entered their artwork, you can submit your work here: https://en.paralymartwc.com/entryform

We hope to see more entries as the deadline approaches! Don't forget you have until the end of June to enter your work! 

As well as that, don't forget about the crowdfunding project at: https://en.japankurufunding.com/projects/paralym-art/


Final entries totals 872!

Mon July 27 2020

Entry Period ends with over 850 entrants!

Tues July 7 2020

Over 500 entries received

Mon Jun 29 2020

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