The whisper of peace from Japan


Iran Islamic Republic of/イラン

♡Part - 1
First of all, we need to know that war starts in people's minds.
American director Stanley Kubrick; In the war movie; Full Metal Jacket
Showed that those who foster violence; One day they will fall victim to violence.
An example of all this violence can be seen in the movie poster.
In the movie poster, it is written on the soldier's hat :
Born to kill
♡Part - 2
The relationship between war and peace and disability :

Everything in the world has an anti.
The opposite of ;lighting; It's dark
counter point ; Day ; it is night
The opposite of good is evil
The opposite of peace; It is nothing but war
Humanity on earth has experienced two devastating world wars and has gone backwards
But in the 21st century, we still see wars on a smaller scale in different parts of the world.

In war, bullets do not question people's nationality at the moment of breaking their chests . They do not know enemie and friend .At a speed of 400 meters per second, they sink into the bodies and exit from the other side.These are the people whose blood is being shed.It is the childrens who lose their childhood.And womens who lose the warm and safe embrace of their husbands.
We must be silent for 1 century in honor of those who lost their lives in the wars.
I don't see a difference between the geography of wars, Germany, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Poland, Iraq, Iran ...
Bullets are no exception, they don't ask people's age.
They kill children, young people, and teenagers.
Then there are families that are no longer complete, people who are no longer happy..
Destroyed cities will be rebuilt, but lost lives will not be rebuilt.
In times of war, the economy and stability of a country are shattered, and the number of people killed and wounded is increased.
Soldiers and non-military personnel whose hands and feet are amputated or who suffer from psychological trauma due to the blast wave are added to the number of disabled people in the world.

But in peace, all UN member states work together.
No one is disabled , by war , anymore.
And the security of life, economy and cultural and scientific communication ... is established
And it is in peace that lives flourish and rejuvenate
♡Part - 3
Interpretation of the work:

1. Japan is always known as the land of the shining sun.
And the sun behind the dove symbolizes this theme

2. The white dove and the olive branch symbolize the dove of peace. If you look at the wing of the dove; The Japanese flag is visible.
And in fact ; The call for peace, this time from Japan, is being heard around the world.

3. The soldier's hat, which symbolizes war, has become a nest for living.
And the phrase "born to live" has been added to it to express the meaning of life.
Because being born is by the grace of God ,And life is sacred

♡Hoping for world peace♡

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