The Guardian of Justice and Peace - Prince Nezha

Wei-hung Wang

Taiwan Province of China/台湾

In Chinese folks, Nezha is one of the most respected gods. Folks believe that Prince Nezha is a young man with high magical power. He accidentally killed Dragon Prince for maintaining justice. To avoid the revenge of the Dragon King which might affect people and their families, Prince Nezha decided to commit suicide (Figure 1). After the tragedy, Buddha, who valued Nezha's courage to maintain justice, brought Nezha back to live by using lotus roots to reshape his body and lotus to reshape his soul (Figure 2). Using lotus implied that Nezha had become a powerful and upright character. Nezha was resurrected to become a three-headed, six-armed deity (picture 3). "Huntian Aya" (picture 4), "Qiankun circle" (picture 5), "Musket Tip" (picture 6) were his weapon; "Fire Wheels" (picture 7) were his transpiration. The continuous self-cultivation and self-growth (Figure 8.9.) had made Nezha the guardian of justice and peace.

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