Peaceful and happy Elephant family

Chin-yu Kao

Taiwan Province of China/台湾

"My son is not good at verbal communication. But he is fascinated by colors and is able to convey his thoughts by using images. Creation becomes a way for Chin-yu to vent emotions and express himself. Colors reveal Chin-yu's mood. When Chin-yu uses soft and bright colors, it means that Chin-yu is relaxed and happy; When Chin-yu uses a dark theme, it means that Chin-yu has trouble in his heart. In this work, a couple of elephants face each other. They look joyful, peaceful, and loving toward each other. For autistic children, family peace and happiness are the most important things." Chin-yu's mother says. Chin-yu makes good use of observation and imitation to create. The characteristics of Chin-yu's style are "fast" and "play with color".

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