Peace to All

Tanya Darl


Pencil and watercolour on paper
A3 297mm x 420mm

The main feature of this artwork is my hand, in the form of the globally known and used, "Peace symbol". The focal point is, an artistic representation of a view of the world from space, placed to the right of the hand. The inclusion of the world globe is to represent peace to all people and our environment. Around the hand are circular prints and part prints, in the shape of the Paralympic and Olympic Games logos. The curves and circles all link together forming a unity of differences.
The colours of the hand has many different tones from black to white, symbolizing the inclusion of all skin colours and differences. The colours surrounding the hand are red, blue and green, which is reflective of colours used in the Paralympic Games logo. From mixing these colours, many different colours can be made, which also represents the inclusion of all.
The dream and inspiration of this artwork is "Peace to All".

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