Peace of Nature

Riley McNeil


Riley McNeil has been creating art all his life, actively pursuing it as a career since 2015. When he heard the theme for this project was peace, he knew his painting would involve nature because animals bring him the most comfort and help him feel calm and happy.

In his painting, titled “Peace of Nature,” Riley chose to try a new technique, creating full paintings of animals and some as outlines. He added his pet rabbit Peter, as an outline because “He’s a domesticated animal that would not be found naturally in the forest, but he brings me the most peace in my life, so I had to include him.” Riley also felt the outlines represent that every animal on the planet leaves their mark on the world, even when they are no longer here. Each animal painted was chosen from Riley’s own photographs taken during visits to Banff National Park.

Riley hopes his painting will inspire peace in others and encourage them to spend time in nature.

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