Peace and tranquility

Hayeri mehrizi

Iran Islamic Republic of/イラン

All people in the world, wherever they are, men or women, are seeking peace and tranquility. All people like to be in a place in which peace, friendship and security felt, because we are all the son of Adam and we are from one person, regardless of any color and race.
Pigeon is one of the birds which is the symbol of peace, friendship and love. They protect from their chicks with love until they can fly and show the beautiful scene of freedom. Particularly, white pigeons which are loved by us give us the message of peace and friendship by transferring messages from one place to another. Pigeon design with olive branch is the sign of a useful life with tranquility. This means that all people like to live in the world without war, bloodshed and with peace and no harm done to them.Hoping that day.

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