Oita Ikabana Sakura: Haiku Transcended - Sacred Sakura - Ikabana



Medium: Art drawing, mixed media - coloring pens and calligraphy, with some wool stitching as well.Size: A4 210mm ×297mm
In 2008, during the new year transition, I found myself in Tokyo in Japan after a conference, with no flight back to South Korea. I am South African. I was forced to look up the only South Africans in Japan I knew about. I flew to Oita and spent time there with a couple in their silvery years and learned about the culture, war and a place called Nippon.
I was struck suddenly by the knowledge that we hear ‘Japan’ through the English medium, but I was in Nippon. It was there that I also heard and read more about the plight of ''comfort women''. The name is equally misleading.

Usually we comfort others with what we have been comforted with, correct?

This drawing is part of my ''Enclosure Fathom – Part 2'' solo collection. It belongs to a digital Vanitas – anti – war installation, as part of the background to the work ‘'Mars – Elon – Trojan – Reset.''
It is dedicated to the fine bloom, the blossoms - the refined ladies worldwide, who have suffered through war and comforted many and will comfort the broken and the loveless and hurt, through generations.

Poem with the work:
Unholy Desires - Behind Wires By SHARM. T. P
THOSE wired for hope.
Evil came, womanhood bled.
Pinocchio shoes of peace versus...
The blossoms in the Book of True Hope.

The work also includes intricate hidden puzzles and musical compositions and figures relating to the sound vibrations decoded by Chladni.

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