Life is happy without wars

Jane Gor


Since the theme of the competition was "Peace", I drew this picture. I told them how difficult it is for all of us when two neighboring countries quarrel and declare war, because we suffer all over the country, when only a few people did not get along with each other. All the boys are taken to the war. All the guys are someone's dads, brothers and friends. It's not easy to accept when someone dear to you died in the war defending their country, isn't it?
With a painted planet in tears, with a smile of hope and scratches, I wanted to show how good it is for the whole world when there are no wars and the planet rejoices. Wars also destroy the surrounding beauty of nature, which we often do not see. And the image of a girl who is also wounded, crying, smiling and holding out my hand, I show that we all want peace and live in friendship, harmony with all. Unfortunately, very few people dare to do something to stop the war and agree to a compromise. Those who dare to stop the war, the great glory for such courage.

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