Introspection cooperation and peace of COVID-19

Huai-chun Kuo

Taiwan Province of China/台湾

This painting depicts the progress of the world after the new coronavirus pandemic. Under the threatening of the virus, people experienced panic, reflection, and finally get to work together to control the virus. Human beings eventually build a peaceful world.
The author's binocular optic nerve was damaged due to viral infection. Impaired vision has seriously affected Huai-jun's life. His vision is no different from a broken TV set, blurry and rusty. However, the physical challenge does not stop Huai-jun from creating art. After his eyesight is impaired, Huai-jun still draws on braille paper, the paper for the blind. Convert from visual painting to tactile painting, the line drawing needs to be continuous and cannot be interrupted. Otherwise, the outline of the figure would not be completed. Huai-jun records his current experience and thoughts on the paper with the help of drawing. The visual imprison did not limit Huai-jun on the journey of free creation and communication.
Figure 1. Mutation of new coronavirus.
Figure 2. Viruses spread from a black box.
Figure 3. Deathbringer comes to the world.
Figure 4. The virus breaks away from the control of the medical system.
Figure 5. The virus successfully nested in the human world. Huai-jun is one of the victims. He was infected by the virus at the age of 16. Unfortunately, his optic nerve was damaged by the virus. The blood from the eyes flows out. Since then, his vision is only less than 4 cm far. Huai-jun believes this is the greatest pain in the world.
Figure 6. The virus continues to mutate.
Figure 7. The pandemic begins.
Figure 8. The virus infectivity keeps growing.
Figure 9. Unconscious people are as blind as blindfolded people.
Figure 10. The physical and psychological defenses have begun to establish, which are yet specific.
Figure 11. The combination of rumors and unknown fears and frightening emotions is another human-made virus.
Figure 12. Wounded community begins to establish a line of defense, which stop pandemic by wearing masks and pause fake news by increasing public awareness.
Figure 13. People start learning to awe mother nature, to respect all creatures in the world, and to realize the insignificance
Figure 14. People begin to care for each other and are determined to cooperate. All communities rejoin and maintain health together.
Figure 15. The true peace is not just between humans, but between all species.

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