Botanical Peace


United Kingdom/イギリス

I have created this piece with the things that myself and others interpret around me. The lotus flower which symbolises purity in Buddhism, but also peace. Leaves and flowers that bring myself peace, whenever I am around the garden or walking in the woods. I feel at one, I feel calm and I can restore my inner peace and this is what I wanted to reflect in my work.
I chose the gold rays of sunlight to show the sun goddess because she is such an important goddess in Shinto. Stating the fact that peace can be determined through religion in many cultures.
I also chose the fist to represent the current movement we're in, regarding black lives matter, as there will be no peace unless there is equality. This links to the children's hands at the top of the page, as with children they are innocent in this world, but they can be impacted by events and how they are brought up.
To conclude, this piece determines peace and what could be done to achieve peace.

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