Be in peace

Gaëtane Cummings


Title: "Be in peace"
Dimension : 762mmx762mm
Acrylic on canevas

I am very sensitive to everything that is happening around me and around the world. I am often inhabited by all the injustices inflicted on living beings. I feel concerned but so helpless. I read, I write, I worry. My head never stops thinking. This often brings me into a state of restlessness that I find it hard to control. The world worries me.
Painting is then my outlet. When I enter my studio, prepare all my material, wrap myself in music, I then focus on the only thing that matters to me: the gesture of creating.
The painting "Being at peace" is the result of one of these precious moments, which, like a truce, brings respite, calm. Peace should be compulsory, universal and irrevocable!

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