About peace in Ukraine during the "coronavirus" and the war with Russia



I wanted to draw a picture of peace, but the epidemic of "coronavirus" has made its adjustments - there is no one to pray for peace, because all people are in isolation, and the war with Russia does not give optimism for the future.
I like to come up with the plots of my drawings, with which I live every day of my life, I love sculpture and graphics and I work on the principle of "everything myself" and I am responsible for my work.
He participated in many competitions and exhibitions and became a winner and prize-winner.
I try different materials and techniques to express my ideas, which is helped by my parents and a teacher at a children's art school.
I have a series of creative albums "My world around me", "They also lived on earth", "Our younger brothers", "Strong personalities", "Fantastic animals" and more.
I am glad that my younger sister draws too.

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