A New Dawn

Lindsey Carter

South Africa/南アフリカ

(I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder)

My art is about a rice farmer, his wife and a Japanese shorthorn that helps carry the rice bags. The background is a Japanese landscape with a mountain (Mt Fuji). There is a waterfall that leads into a river and traditional Japanese buildings with Sakura blossom trees. The three figures each have specific parts coloured red. The coloured red parts make the word peace in Japanese (平和).
They are looking at a new rising sun on a new day. Dawn represents peace because it is a new beginning untainted with wrongs. That is why morning is always the most peaceful because it has no negativity built up since the day is too young. Being with family and watching the sun rise over a beautiful country is also peaceful because loved ones and nature bring peace to our souls.

The art medium used was ink, pencil and a marker pen. Size A4

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